【DJ Hello Kitty】

最高に可愛い&本格的なDJパフォーマンスで世界中を盛り上げるDJ Hello Kittyの、 初のサウンド付きのLINEスタンプが発売中!今すぐチェック↓

併せて、待望のニューシングルを発表! 日本の往年の大ヒット曲”CAN'T UNDO THIS!!'を見事に現代風EDMにリメイクした渾身の一曲★ 今すぐ、iTunesをチェック!↓

DJ Hello Kitty, the cutest DJ around who excites the world with her full-fledged DJ performances, is releasing her long-awaited new single! The song is a EDM contemporary remake of Can’t Undo This, which was once a huge hit in Japan. ★ Click here for details→ We’ve also released the first ever DJ Hello Kitty LINE stamp that actually makes sounds! To find it, search the LINE stamp shop for DJ Hello Kitty!